Montreal Show,featured paintings, graphics, sculpture and tapestry by Marcel Barbeau, Micheline Beauchemin, Leon Bellefleur, Ulysses Comtois, Albert Dumouchel, Richard Lacroix, Sylvia Lefkovitz, Rita Letendre, Fran├žoise Sullivan, Serge Tousignant, Armand Vaillancourt and Shirley Wales, plus works by Rico Lebrun, Lynn Chadwick and Jock Macdonald

Related people
   Marcel Barbeau - Artist
   Micheline Beauchemin - Artist
   Leon Bellefleur - Artist
   Lynn Chadwick - Artist
   Ulysses Comtois - Artist
   Albert Dumouchel - Artist
   Richard Lacroix - Artist
   Rico Lebrun - Artist
   Sylvia Lefkovitz - Artist
   Rita Letendre - Artist
   Jock MacDonald - Artist
   Fran├žoise Sullivan - Artist
   Serge Tousignant - Artist
   Armand Vaillancourt - Artist
   Shirley Wales - Artist

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