Sculpture '67: An Open-air Exhibition of Canadian Sculpture,presented by the National Gallery, held at Toronto City Hall in the summer of 1967, it featured the work by Iain Baxter (N.E. Thing Co.), Ted Bieler, Ronald Bladen, Zbigniew Blazeje, Catharine Boudreau, Tom Burrows, Robert De Castro, Michael Cooke, Julius Damasdy, Robert James Downing, McCleary Drope, William H. Epp, Sorel Etrog, William Featherstone, Jean Le Febure, John Fillion, Wallace French, Patricia Fulford, Lise Gervais, Suzanne Guité,Arthur Handy, Michael Hayden (Intersystems), Robert Hedrick, Henry Wanton Jones, Anne Kahane, Robert Kaiser, Nobuo Kubota, Hugh LeRoy, Les Levine, Gino Lorcini, William McElcheran, Archie Miller, Guido Molinari, Robert Murray, Kazuo Nakamura, David Partridge, Michael Pine, John Ivor Smith, Michael Snow, Raymond Spiers, Françoise Sullivan, Victor Tolgesy, Richard Turner, Tony Urquhart, Don Wallace, George Wallace, Bruce Watson, Fred Willar, Jim Willer, Walter Yarwood, Jan Zach

Related people
   Iain BAXTER& - Artist
   Ted Bieler - Artist
   Ronald Bladen - Artist
   Zbigniew Blazeje - Artist
   Catharine Boudreau - Artist
   Tom Burrows - Artist
   Michael Cooke - Artist
   McCleary Drope - Artist
   Sorel Etrog - Artist
   William Featherstone - Artist
   John Fillion - Artist
   Wallace French - Artist
   Patricia Fulford - Artist
   Lise Gervais - Artist
   Suzanne Guité - Artist
   Arthur Handy - Artist
   Michael Hayden - Artist
   Robert Hedrick - Artist
   Henry Wanton Jones - Artist
   Jean Le Febure - Artist
   Anne Kahane - Artist
   Robert Kaiser - Artist
   Nobuo Kubota - Artist
   Hugh Leroy - Artist
   Les Levine - Artist
   Gino Lorcini - Artist
   William McElcheran - Artist
   Archie Miller - Artist
   Guido Molinari - Artist
   Robert Murray - Artist
   Kazuo Nakamura - Artist
   David Partridge - Artist
   Michael Pine - Artist
   Robert De Castro - Artist
   John Ivor Smith - Artist
   Michael Snow - Artist
   Raymond Spiers - Artist
   Françoise Sullivan - Artist
   Victor Tolgesy - Artist
   Richard Turner - Artist
   Tony Urquhart - Artist
   Don Wallace - Artist
   George Wallace - Artist
   Bruce Watson - Artist
   Fred Willar - Artist
   Jim Willer - Artist
   William H. Epp - Artist
   Walter Yarwood - Artist
   Jan Zach - Artist

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