The Gallery is given to the city by the founders and opened to the public by J.W. Fordham Johnson, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. The opening of the Gallery is the culmination of six years' work by Henry A. Stone and Associates. The group raised the money, erected the building on a site provided by the City of Vancouver, and purchased the collection. The Gallery's Art Deco fa├žade is decorated with sculptured heads of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci by Charles Marega.

The permanent collection of the Gallery, begun by H. A. Stone and Charles H. Scott, includes Canterbury Meadows by T. S. Cooper, Venus and Cupid by W. Etty, Coming of Age in Olden Times (sketch) by W. P. Frith, Halifax Harbour by H. Gilman, and Tolla by F. Leighton.

Of approximately 120 works in the 1931 collection, seven are by Canadian artists; the remainder are predominantly British. (This tendency to favour British art continues until the early 1960s. The major exception is the large Emily Carr Trust accession of 1942.

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