First Annual B.C. Artists' Exhibition. Opened on the first anniversary of the opening of the Gallery. William Dalton, Chairman of the Gallery Exhibition Committee, states the purpose of the show in the catalogue:

"It is the desire of the President and Council that the Gallery shall be recognized as an art community centre in the finest sense of the term. To this end the Committee considers that the present Exhibition of British Columbia Artists should prove a creative stimulus as well as an encouragement to every artist whose work was entered."

Among those exhibiting are Fred Amess, Harry Hood, J. W. G. Macdonald, Charles H. Scott, F. H. Varley, and W. P. Weston. (The Artists' Annual will be held until 1968.)

Related people
   Fred Amess - Artist
   Charles H. Scott - Artist
   Harry Hood - Artist
   J.W.G. MacDonald - Artist
   F.H. Varley - Artist
   W.P. Weston - Artist
   William Dalton - Chairman Of The Gallery Exhibition Committee

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