B.C. Society of Fine Arts. The first exhibition at the gallery of the BCSFA since its formation in 1909.

Founding members of the society were: David Mair, Allan Brooks, Noel Bursill, Mrs. Beanlands, Miss Emily Carr, Mrs.C. Bamfylde Daniell, H.J. DeForest, T. W. Fripp, J. Fitzmaurice, J. MacIntosh-Gow, Claude W. Gray, N. H. Hawkins, S. P. Judge, J. Kyle, Bernard McEvoy, Miss Mills, S. MacLure, G. Thornton Sharp, Mrs. Alice Blair Thomas and Stanley D. Tytler.

Governor General Earl Grey is honorary president.

First executive vice-presidents: T.W. Fripp and Bernard McEvoy.

Treasurer: John Kyle.

Secretary: S.P. Judge.

Related people
   Emily Carr - Artist
   Governor General Earl Grey - Bcsfa Honorary President
   Mrs. Beanlands - Bcsfa Member
   Allan Brooks - Bcsfa Member
   Noel Bursill - Bcsfa Member
   Claude W. Gray - Bcsfa Member
   H.J. DeForest - Bcsfa Member
   J. Fitzmaurice - Bcsfa Member
   G. Thornton Sharp - Bcsfa Member
   J. Kyle - Bcsfa Member
   J. MacIntosh-Gow - Bcsfa Member
   S. MacLure - Bcsfa Member
   David Mair - Bcsfa Member
   Bernard McEvoy - Bcsfa Member
   Miss Mills - Bcsfa Member
   Mrs. Alice Blair Thomas - Bcsfa Member
   Mrs.C. Bamfylde Daniell - Bcsfa Member
   N. H. Hawkins - Bcsfa Member
   S. P. Judge - Bcsfa Member
   Stanley D. Tytler - Bcsfa Member
   T. W. Fripp - Bcsfa Member
   T.W. Fripp - First Executive Vice-President
   Bernard McEvoy - First Executive Vice-President
   S.P. Judge - Secretary
   John Kyle - Treasurer
   BCSFA Member)

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