B.C. College of Arts fall opening is announced.

"Realizing the vast opportunities which must inevitably grow from such an active centre as Vancouver, powerfully influenced by the Occident and the Orient, we conceived the idea of the College of Art, which would have as its aim the awakening and development of art expression recognized not only in British Columbia but through the Dominion, and to make contact with the Orient through exchange of exhibitions of work. Also, if possible, when we are fully established, to procure the assistance of artists of the Orient to teach us new phases of expression."

Art directors of the College are F.H. Varley, J.W.G. Macdonald, and Harry Tauber. Assistants are Beatrice Lennie, Vera Weatherbie, and Margaret Williams. The Board of Directors consists of R.S. Lennie, F.H. Varley, J.W.G. Macdonald, H. Tauber, and Duncan MacTavish.

Related people
   J.W.G. MacDonald - Art Director
   Harry Tauber - Art Director
   F.H. Varley - Art Director
   Beatrice Lennie - Assistant
   Vera Weatherbie - Assistant
   Margaret Williams - Assistant
   J.W.G. MacDonald - Board Member
   Duncan MacTavish - Board Member
   H. Tauber - Board Member
   The Board of Directors consists of R.S. Lennie - Board Member
   F.H. Varley - Board Member

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