Artists in Exile. Exhibition of 14 emigre artists includes Eugene Berman, Breton, Chagall, Ernst, Leger, Lipchitz, Masson, Malta, Mondrian, Ozenfant, Seligmann, Tanguy, Tchelitchew and Zadkine. Catalogue essays by James Thrall Soby and Nicolas Calas. The exhibition marks the influential move of artists from Paris to New York as a result of the Second World War.

Related people
   Eugene Berman - Artist
   Andre Breton - Artist
   Nicolas Calas - Artist
   Marc Chagall - Artist
   Max Ernst - Artist
   Fernand Leger - Artist
   Jacques Lipchitz - Artist
   Malta - Artist
   Andre Masson - Artist
   Piet Mondrian - Artist
   Amedee Ozenfant - Artist
   Pavel Tchelitchew - Artist
   Kurt Seligmann - Artist
   Yves Tanguy - Artist
   Ossip Zadkine - Artist
   James Thrall Soby - Curator

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