New Talent - B.C. Selection for this travelling exhibition is made by Doris Shadbolt and J. Barry Lord.

Richard Simmins writes, for the catalogue: "None of the painters are students; yet none have established reputations beyond the most informed west coast circles. All show the marks of an experimental and authentic vision."

Participants are Steve Barrett, Richard Bond, Claude Breeze, Audrey Capel Doray, Gordon J. Caruso, Harold H. Elliott, Sherry Grauer, Richard Stuart Halliday, Reg Holmes, Flemming Jorgenson, David B. Mayrs, Irene Morrison, John Ralph, Geoffrey Rees, David A. Shilleto, Grant Stocker, Ronald Stonier, Paul C. Wong, and Horst Zander.

Related people
   Audrey Capel Doray - Artist
   Steve Barrett - Artist
   Richard Bond - Artist
   Claude Breeze - Artist
   David A. Shilleto - Artist
   David B. Mayrs - Artist
   Gordon J. Caruso - Artist
   Sherry Grauer - Artist
   Harold H. Elliott - Artist
   Reg Holmes - Artist
   Flemming Jorgenson - Artist
   Irene Morrison - Artist
   Paul C. Wong - Artist
   John Ralph - Artist
   Geoffrey Rees - Artist
   Richard Stuart Halliday - Artist
   Grant Stocker - Artist
   Ronald Stonier - Artist
   Horst Zander - Artist
   Doris Shadbolt - Artist/Curator
   J. Barry Lord - Curator
   Richard Simmins - Director

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