The Nude in Art. The first major historical show initiated by the Gallery is organized by Richard Simmins with the assistance of Doris Shadbolt.

Greeted with critical acclaim, the exhibition includes works by Francois Boucher, Benvenuto Cellini, Paul Cézanne, Lucas Cranach, Albrecht Dqrer, Andrea Mantegna, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Antonio Pollaiuolo and Pierre Auguste Renoir.

Related people
   Francois Boucher - Artist
   Benvenuto Cellini - Artist
   Paul Cézanne - Artist
   Lucas Cranach - Artist
   Albrecht Dqrer - Artist
   Andrea Mantegna - Artist
   Henri Matisse - Artist
   Pablo Picasso - Artist
   Pierre Auguste Renoir - Artist
   Antonio Pollaiuolo - Artist
   Doris Shadbolt - Artist/Curator
   Richard Simmins - Director

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