Festival of the Contemporary Arts. The fifth festival held at UBC includes The Medium is the Message, the first major multi-sensory public happening in Vancouver.

It was conceived by Iain Baxter, Arthur Erickson, Helen Goodwin, and Takao Tanabe; designed and co-ordinated by Abraham Rogatnik; with performances by The Lukas Foss Contemporary Improvisation System; Chance Music by John Cage; poetry readings by David Dawson, Graydon Moore, Wayne Nyberg, Jack Spicer and Lew Welch; and Beauty through Destruction Disintegration and Disappearance: the disappearance of two tons of ice by flame, rain and air, realized by Iain Baxter.

Related people
   Iain BAXTER& - Artist
   Arthur Erickson - Artist
   Helen Goodwin - Artist
   Takao Tanabe - Artist
   Abraham Rogatnik - Designer
   John Cage - Performer
   David Dawson - Poet
   Graydon Moore - Poet
   Wayne Nyberg - Poet
   Jack Spicer - Poet
   Lew Welch - Poet

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