Bruce Conner and The Dark Mirror. Two exhibitions organized to run concurrently with the fifth Festival of the Contemporary Arts.

San Francisco assemblagist Bruce Conner shows 12 works; The Dark Mirror consists of paintings, sculpture, drawings, and prints, representing the production of 22 different artists centred around New York.

Alvin Balkind, organizer of the two shows, comments upon the apparent interest in death evidenced by the work: "An examination of both of these exhibitions might suggest to the viewer a fixation on this subject. In some works, it is only hinted at; in others, it is clearly alluded to. It may be felt by some people that this preoccupation with death is, perhaps, a trifle melodramatic, a little too much of a posture. At times, this may very well be true; but, with such a subject as death, excessive statement is easily come by."

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   Bruce Conner - Artist
   Alvin Balkind - Curator

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