Canada 101. Richard Demarco, owner of the Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh, has the idea for this exhibition, and chooses the artists to be represented in it: Claude Breeze, Brian Fisher, Reg Holmes, Gary Lee-Nova, Michael Morris, and Bodo Pfeifer. Individual works are chosen by Gilles Henault, director, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Montreal; Doris Shadbolt, senior curator, VAG; William J. Withrow, director, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.

Related people
   Claude Breeze - Artist
   Brian Fisher - Artist
   Reg Holmes - Artist
   Gary Lee-Nova - Artist
   Michael Morris - Artist
   Bodo Pfeifer - Artist
   Doris Shadbolt - Curator
   Gilles Henault - Director
   William J. Withrow - Director
   Richard Demarco - Gallery Owner

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