Directions '69. Works in this series include:

Fat Emma by Dennis Vance and Glenn Toppings: a suspended spherical fibreglass module, 5' in diameter and faceted in construction, rotating in an elliptical pattern, as well as revolving on its own axis. Designed to carry three passengers, it moves through areas activated by induction loops linked to the transmissions of four radio stations

Wave by Dennis Vance: a wall piece approximately 6' x 10' with 16 chromed tubular bars, 1' in diameter, which produce a variety of sounds on touch

Electronic Irwin by Dennis Vance: two parabolic reflector discs of chrome-plated spun steel, 24' in diameter and 10' deep, illuminated by diachromatic lights and fitted with electronic eyes. Light changes caused by spectator movement activate sound

Black Night Rip by Dallas Selman and Glenn Toppings: a floor sculpture designed for a corner position consisting of nine modular units in the form of three-dimensional waves

Hydra Cross by Dallas Selman: a floor sculpture consisting of 2' square-based fibreglass modules which take their form from Black Night Rip.

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   Dallas Selman - Artist
   Glenn Toppings - Artist
   Dennis Vance - Artist

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