955,000. Organized by Lucy Lippard, the exhibition is first shown at Seattle Art Museum Pavilion. The work of three artists is added to the Vancouver exhibition, and 29 of the original projects (by approximately 69 artists) are altered for Vancouver. The exhibition title, 955,000, refers to the population of Vancouver. Parts of the exhibition are installed in various urban locations.

"New York artist Carl André has caused 28 units of 1' x 3' timber to be arranged in line on the grass of Foreshore Park, Northwest Marine Drive, near the University. At UBC itself, a concept tableau by Ed Keinholz may be found in the Sub Gallery, along with Hans Haake's acrylic plastic Precipitation Minus Evaporation, and works by Robert Rohm, Dan Graham and Bruce Nauman using rope, tape and film. Robert Smithson, whose Glass Island, projected for the Georgia Straight, is presently under discussion, shows photographs of his glue project, executed for this exhibition, but no longer extant.

Floating off Kitsilano beach is William Bollinger's log, and Rafael Ferrer's timber is randomly arranged on the beach. On Eldon Trail in Stanley Park Rodelof Louw's irregularly scattered slats may be found. At SFU Randolph Sims has caused a strip 50' high to be paint sprayed. George Sawchuk's Pipes Through Trees may be located in North Vancouver." (from a VAG press release)

Related people
   Carl AndrĂ© - Artist
   William Bollinger - Artist
   Rafael Ferrer - Artist
   Dan Graham - Artist
   Hans Haake - Artist
   Ed Keinholz - Artist
   Rodelof Louw - Artist
   Bruce Nauman - Artist
   Robert Rohm - Artist
   George Sawchuk - Artist
   Randolph Sims - Artist
   Robert Smithson - Artist
   Lucy Lippard - Critic

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