Four photographic exhibitions: B.C-Almanac(h)C-B; Gar Smith's Notes on Light 1969-70; Photography into Sculpture; and Charles Gagnon.

B.C. Almanac(h)C-B is a collaborative effort by 15 Vancouver artists: Jack Dale, Michael deCourcy, Christos Dikeakos, Judith Eglington, Gerry Gilbert, Roy K. Kiyooka, Glenn Lewis, Taras Masiuch, Taki Bluesinger, Michael Morris, N. E. Thing Co. Ltd., John Payne, Timothy Porter, Peter Thomas, Vincent Trasov, and Robertson Wood.

Local artists Jack Dale and Michael de Courcy are also included in the travelling exhibition Photography into Sculpture organized by MOMA. The 52 works, which experiment with the three- dimensional possibilities of photography, are by west coast artists from Vancouver to L.A.

The remaining two exhibitions are of works by eastern Canadian artists Gar Smith and Charles Gagnon.

Related people
   Taki Bluesinger - Artist
   Jack Dale - Artist
   Michael deCourcy - Artist
   Christos Dikeakos - Artist
   Judith Eglington - Artist
   Charles Gagnon - Artist
   Gerry Gilbert - Artist
   Roy K. Kiyooka - Artist
   Glenn Lewis - Artist
   Taras Masiuch - Artist
   Michael Morris - Artist
   John Payne - Artist
   Timothy Porter - Artist
   Gar Smith - Artist
   Peter Thomas - Artist
   Vincent Trasov - Artist
   Robertson Wood - Artist

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