Art Probe: Symposium / Exhibition. The intention: "to uncover the preconceptions and assumptions that artists, citizens, government officials, educators, businessmen, patrons and art administrators have about one another."

The steering committee consists of Werner Aellen, Christos Dikeakos, Tony Emery, Joe Kyle, Glenn Lewis, Ted Lindberg, Dallas Selman, Doris Shadbolt, Glenn Toppings, and Ian Wallace.

Participants include Intermedia Press, Image Bank, Light Probe, Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs, Vancouver School of Art, C.A.R., Dennis Wheeler and Mediart from Montreal.

Related people
   Ian Wallace - Artist
   Christos Dikeakos - Curator
   Doris Shadbolt - Curator
   Werner Aellen
   Tony Emery
   Joe Kyle
   Glenn Lewis
   Ted Lindberg
   Dallas Selman
   Glenn Toppings

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