Sound / Sculpture. A survey of work by 11 audio-kinetic sculptors coordinated by sound sculptor John Grayson and organized by the VAG.

The artists (brought together for the first time) are: The Baschet Brothers (Francois and Bernard), Harry Bertoia, John Chowning, Paul Earls, David Jacobs, Gyorgy Kepes, Reinhold Marxhausen, Charles Mattox, David Rosenboom, Stephan von Huene. All but one of the artists have been working in this field for 20 or 30 years. Their works range from contemporary 'primitivist' pieces to the most advanced cybernetic environment.

Related people
   Bernard Baschet - Artist
   Francois Baschet - Artist
   Harry Bertoia - Artist
   John Chowning - Artist
   Paul Earls - Artist
   John Grayson - Artist
   David Jacobs - Artist
   Gyorgy Kepes - Artist
   Reinhold Marxhausen - Artist
   Charles Mattox - Artist
   David Rosenboom - Artist
   Stephan von Huene - Artist

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