On the Ides of March, the Western Front holds its inaugural meeting.

"1973 is the year of the founding of a new social and cultural phenomenon: the Western Front Lodge. The Lodge's headquarters is the ancient, palatial and mellow former temple of the Mount Pleasant Knights of Pythias and Terminal Temple of the Pythian sisters at 303 East Eighth Avenue, one block from Kingsway and Broadway . . ."

"Since the acquisition of this building on the first of March, a wide variety of activities have already taken place within its formerly austere halls: a fine and all-encompassing opening party; a series of performances of plays by Marlow and Brecht by the Montreal theatre group, Theatre One; showings of films and slides; workouts by the Australia / New Zealand cricket team; Tai Chi classes and other events, but we have only begun to explore the possibilities. Art exhibitions, films, musical and dance performances, workshops, poetry readings, media events, indoor sports, social activities: the Lodge's concerns are limited only by the imaginations of its members and the resources at our disposal."

The Front's first formal activity consists of showings March 25-26 of French and Japanese films. During the summer, the Front is visited by Liza Bear and Willoughby Sharp of Avalanche magazine, American artists Lowell Darling, Robert Cumming, Chip Lord of Ant Farm, Megan Williams of TVTV Environmental Communications, Tom Dean from Beaux Arts magazine, and French artist Robert Filliou.

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