Alternate Space, Exploratory Space. Conclusion and integration of these programs of small exhibitions by B.C. artists into VAG's regular exhibition program. Participating artists in Alternate Space (1975) include Laurie de Camillis, Simon Curley, Michael Markham, Randolph McMillan, Judy Williams, Rick Williams, and John Quinn. Artists featured in Exploratory Space include Taki Bluesinger, Don Druick, David Mikkelson, Dave Rimmer and Greg Snider.

Related people
   Taki Bluesinger - Artist
   Simon Curley - Artist
   Don Druick - Artist
   Laurie de Camillis - Artist
   Michael Markham - Artist
   Randolph McMillan - Artist
   David Mikkelson - Artist
   John Quinn - Artist
   Dave Rimmer - Artist
   Greg Snider - Artist
   Judy Williams - Artist
   Rick Williams - Artist

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