17 Canadian Artists: A Protean View. Sixty-seven wall pieces by 17 artists across the country, selected by Alvin Balkind on the basis of "quality, diversity, freshness and significance." Artists represented are Tom Dean, Paterson Ewen, Eric Fischl, Betty Goodwin, John Hall, John Heward, Bill Jones, Ron Martin, N.E. Thing Co. Ltd., Lyndal Osborne, Bruce Parsons, Reinhard Reitzenstein, Michael Snow, Irene Whittome, Joyce Wieland, Shirley Wiitasalo and Alex Wyse.

Related people
   Tom Dean - Artist
   Paterson Ewen - Artist
   Eric Fischl - Artist
   Betty Goodwin - Artist
   John Hall - Artist
   John Heward - Artist
   Bill Jones - Artist
   Ron Martin - Artist
   Lyndal Osborne - Artist
   Bruce Parsons - Artist
   Reinhard Reitzenstein - Artist
   Michael Snow - Artist
   Irene Whittome - Artist
   Joyce Wieland - Artist
   Shirley Wiitasalo - Artist
   Alex Wyse - Artist
   Alvin Balkind - Curator

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