Performance Program. The performance and video program at the Front in 1977 includes works by Kathy Acker, Byron Black, David Buchan, Elizabeth Chitty, Charlotte Hildebrand, Richard Kostelanetz, Terry McGlade, John Mitchell, bp Nichol, Clive Robertson, and Willie Walker. Dr. Faustroll: The Exploits and opinions of Dr. Faustroll, Paraphysician, a neo-scientific shadow play from a novel by Alfred Jarry is performed by Hank Bull, Kate Craig, and Patrick Ready to music by Martin Bartlett. A "videosoapopera", The Edge of Sleep, written by Patrick Ready and Judith Berlin, produced by Taki Bluesinger and Bill Day, is also performed.

Related people
   Kathy Acker - Artist
   Byron Black - Artist
   bpNichol - Artist
   David Buchan - Artist
   Hank Bull - Artist
   Elizabeth Chitty - Artist
   Kate Craig - Artist
   Charlotte Hildebrand - Artist
   Richard Kostelanetz - Artist
   Terry McGlade - Artist
   John Mitchell - Artist
   Patrick Ready - Artist
   Clive Robertson - Artist
   Willie Walker - Artist
   Martin Bartlett - Musician
   Taki Bluesinger - Producer
   Bill Day - Producer
   Judith Berlin - Writer
   Alfred Jarry - Writer
   Patrick Ready - Writer

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