Transition: An Examination of Extreme Changes in Style and Accompanying Attitudes. Works by Ivan Eyre, Brian Fisher, Al McWilliams, Gordon Smith, Richard Turner and Rick Williams. One of several thematic shows at UBC in 1977 including Surfacing Systems: An exhibition of recent grid patterns and notational approaches in painting and drawing and For the Birds, with artists such as Alistair Bell, Paul Binkert, Gathie Falk, Tom Graff, Sherry Grauer, Carole Itter, Al McWilliams, Liz Magor, and Jack Shadbolt.

Related people
   Alistair Bell - Artist
   Paul Binkert - Artist
   Ivan Eyre - Artist
   Gathie Falk - Artist
   Brian Fisher - Artist
   Tom Graff - Artist
   Sherry Grauer - Artist
   Carole Itter - Artist
   Liz Magor - Artist
   Al McWilliams - Artist
   Jack Shadbolt - Artist
   Gordon Smith - Artist
   Richard Turner - Artist
   Rick Williams - Artist

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