videospace. In 1978 videospace develops from an ad-hoc series of exhibitions, drawn primarily from tapes in the Gallery's collection, to a fully curated program under the direction of Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker. The videospace program has a strong emphasis on tapes which analyse the mass media and television, regional concerns, installations, video and its changing relationship to performance, high and low technologies such as satellite and slow-scan, and theory (e.g. the relationship of editing and television to history and the adoption and analysis of media formats).

Three installations are presented in 1978, Vera Frenkel's Lies and Truths, Eric Cameron and Noel Harding's Two Audio-Visual Constructs [see above], and Don Druick's Disorderly Characters Day 3. Individual artists whose tapes are presented include New Zealander Darcy Lange and American Vito Acconci (Red Tapes).

The Vancouver Women's Video and Film Festival present tapes and Vancouver Video Works highlights local productions by Hank Bull and Patrick Ready, Kate Craig and Margaret Dragu, Ken Fletcher and Paul Wong, Ken Kuramoto, Shawn Preus, and Elizabeth Vander Zaag. Other tapes available for viewing are by John Anderson, Marion Barling, Brian Guns, Bill Jeffries, Peter Lipskis, D. Montgomery, Gregg Simpson, and Matthew Speier.

Two theoretical shows are organized: Video Portraits: Artists by Artists, Auto / biography, Non-artists by Artists and Adopted Personalities, with participating artists Nancy Holt, Clive Robertson, Robert Filliou, Lisa Steele, Rodney Werden, Barbara Steinman, Colin Campbell and Eric Metcalfe / Dana Atchley; and Formats, tapes by General Idea, Ant Farm and Clive Robertson. videospace also hosts a series of video critique sessions.

Related people
   Vito Acconci - Artist
   John Anderson - Artist
   Dana Atchley - Artist
   Marion Barling - Artist
   Hank Bull - Artist
   Eric Cameron - Artist
   Colin Campbell - Artist
   Kate Craig - Artist
   Margaret Dragu - Artist
   Don Druick - Artist
   Elizabeth Vander Zaag - Artist
   Robert Filliou - Artist
   Ken Fletcher - Artist
   Vera Frenkel - Artist
   Brian Guns - Artist
   Noel Harding - Artist
   Nancy Holt - Artist
   Bill Jeffries - Artist
   Ken Kuramoto - Artist
   Darcy Lange - Artist
   Peter Lipskis - Artist
   Eric Metcalfe - Artist
   D. Montgomery - Artist
   Shawn Preus - Artist
   Patrick Ready - Artist
   Clive Robertson - Artist
   Gregg Simpson - Artist
   Matthew Speier - Artist
   Lisa Steele - Artist
   Barbara Steinman - Artist
   Rodney Werden - Artist
   Paul Wong - Artist
   Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker - Curator
   Ant Farm
   General Idea

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