The Sculpture on the Prairies Exhibition included two 'drawing' performances, one by Max Dean (Winnipeg) and one by Dennis J. Evans (Regina). Photos: Ernest Mayer.

Max Dean's Drawing Event involved two people [Max Dean and Dennis Evans] trying to execute drawings on opposite walls of a room. A partition divided the room in half and inhibited the participants from seeing each other at work. They were joined by a rope which was secured to their waists and passed through a hole in the partition. The rope was only long enough to allow one person to draw at a time. The event lasted six hours.

"In Drawing Event, Dean and a fellow artist [Dennis Evans] were tied together at the waist by a rope in a gallery space divided by a temporary wall through which the rope passed. Drawing paper was fixed to each of the far gallery walls and drawing implements were scattered on the floor. The artists tried to draw simultaneously, but the rope was only long enough to allow one artist at a time to reach the wall, thus producing a constant struggle between them."

Reference: Michelle Hirschorn, Max Dean (Ottawa: Ottawa Art Gallery, 2003), 30.

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