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Miklos Legrady
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"Exposure." Toronto: Art Gallery of Ontario, 1975
"Chair Show." Toronto: Art Gallery of Ontario, 1975
Hlynsky, David. "The New Photo Books - Part Two." 5, #5.June (1978)
[A Conversation between Hermann Neutics [Charlie Huiskin], Vic d'Or, Lorne Fromer, George and Miklos Legrady, George Whiteside, & Billy Piton]
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Gosselin, Gaétan. "The question of politics in current Quebec photography." Latitudes and Parallels Winnipeg: Winnipeg Art Gallery, 1983
Miles, Geoff. "Miklos Legrady at Garnet Press." Vanguard Vancouver, 1985
"New Works: Artists' Supplement." C Magazine Toronto, 1985
"Power Plays." Edinburgh, Scotland: Stills Gallery, 1989
"Mirabile Visu." Hull: Musee de la Civilization, 1990
"Beau." Ottawa: Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, 1992
"Souvenir-Écran." Quebec: Vu Gallery, 1994
"Obsessive Love." Unbearables Assembling Magazine (Cedar Tavern issue) New York, 1995
Legrady, Miklos. "Walter Benjamin and semiotic art in the age of digital comprehension." Hamilton Arts & Letters Summer/Fall (2015)
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Legrady, Miklos. "Adorno, Deleuze and Guattari, the Gods that failed.." Maple Tree Literary Supplement 19 (2015)
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