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McPherson, Hugo. "Culture Planning, Canadian Style." artscanada September/October 1965
Leider, Philip. "Vancouver: Scene with no Scene." artscanada 24 (1967)
Leider, Philip. "Vancouver - Scene With No Scene." artscanada XXIV.6/7 (1967)
Leider, Philip. "Vancouver-Scene with No Scene." artscanada XXVI.109/110 (1967)
Lord, Barry. "John Meredith at the Isaacs Gallery." artscanada 24.March (1967)
Lord, Barry. "Sunday Afternoon." artscanada 24 (1967)
Russell, Paul. "Supreme court judges deny Dorothy Cameron's appeal." artscanada 24 (1967)
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Harff, Illi-Maria. "In the Studios Manitoba." artscanada XXV.4 (1968)
Lord, Barry. "Let There Be Darkness." artscanada December 1968
Pinney, Marguerite. "Glenn Lewis." artscanada XXV.3 (1968)
Pinney, Marguerite. "Joyce Wieland Retrospective, Vancouver Art Gallery." artscanada 25.122/123 (1968)
Pinney, Marguerite. "Duane Lunden and Ian Wallace." Artscanada August 1968
Pinney, Marguerite. "Vancouver: In The Galleries." artscanada October/November 1968
Urquhart, Tony and Jack Chambers. "Urquhart and Chambers/Open Letter." Artscanada Toronto, 1968
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Bloore, Ron. "To assert man's presence." artscanada Toronto, Ontario: Society for Arts Publications, 1969
Cameron, Dorothy. "New sculpture at Rothmans Art Gallery, Stratford." artscanada 26 (1969)
Chambers, John. "Perceptual Realism." artscanada 26 (1969)
Chandler, J.N. "More Words on Curnoe's Wordy World." artscanada 26 (1969)
Coleman, Victor. "What About All Those Buildings and Signs." artscanada Fall 1969
[David Bolduc]
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Coleman, Victor. "A Lot of Good Guys Went Down." artscanada 128-129.April (1969)
[Walter Redinger & Ed Zelenak]
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Farber, Manny. "Films at Canadian Artists '68: Art Gallery of Ontario." artscanada February 1969
Farber, Manny. "La raison avant passion." artscanada 26.4 (1969)
Ginsberg, Susan. "New Art of Vancouver Review." artscanada December 1969
Ginsburg, Susan. "The New Art of Vancouver." artscanada 26.6 (1969)
Lippard, Lucy. "Notes in Review of Canadian Artists '68: Art Gallery of Ontario." artscanada 26.128/129 (1969)
Lippard, Lucy R. "Iain Baxter: New Spaces." artscanada XXVI.132/133 (1969)
Lord, Barry. "Ronald Bloore [at] the Jerrold Morris Gallery." artscanada 26 (1969)
Lord, Barry. "New Town Enigmas, Mazelow Gallery." artscanada 26 (1969)
Lord, Barry. "John Meredith, Painter." artscanada 26 (1969)
Lord, Barry. "Breeze in Retrospect [at] University of Waterloo January 1969." artscanada 26 (1969)
Lumsden, Ian. "Beaverbrook Art Gallery." artscanada December 1969
Markle, Robert. "Gordon Rayner [at] the Isaacs Gallery." artscanada 26 (1969)
Pinney, Marguerite. "Roy Kiyooka at the Douglas Gallery." artscanada 26 (1969)
Simmins, R.B. "Claude Breeze: Recent Paintings and Drawings, Bau-Xi Gallery, November." artscanada 26 (1969)
Theberge, Pierre. "Molinari, an Interview." artscanada 26 (1969)
Thériault, N. "Lithos by Tak Tanabe and Charles Gagnon: Galerie Godard Lefort." Artscanada February 1969
Yates, Norman. "Four Edmonton Artists." Artscanada October 1969
Bloore, Ron. "Note on Ernest Lindner." artscanada Toronto, Ontario: Society for Arts Publications, 1970
Cameron, Dorothy. "Polytype deux: National film board's photo gallery, Ottawa; exhibit." artscanada 27 (1970)
Cameron, Dorothy. "Lausanne & Venice, summer '70: The Crisis of Canada International [3e Salon international de galeries pilotes." artscanada 27 (1970)
Cameron, Dorothy. "Norman Grégoire's Polyptyque deux, the National Film Board's Photo Gallery, Ottawa, February 1970." artscanada 27 (1970)
Cameron, Dorothy. "Ronald Bladen / Robert Murrary: An Exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery, March 10-29, 1970." artscanada 27 (1970)
Cameron, Dorothy. "Summer '70: The Crisis of Canada International [Venice Biennale]." artscanada 27 (1970)
Coleman, Victor. "Look at My Product." artscanada December 1970
[Notes, More or Less Specific, on Jim Dine]
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Fenton, Terry. "Jack Bush." artscanada 27 (1970)
Hale, Barrie. "Gordon Rayner: the First Decade." artscanada 27 (1970)
Lindberg, Ted. "955,000." artscanada Toronto, February 1970
Lord, Barry. "The Eleven O'Clock news in Colour." artscanada June 1970
Lord, Barry. "John Meredith, The Isaacs Gallery, Toronto, November 1969." artscanada February 1970
Lord, Barry. "The Eleven O'Clock News In Colour: Realism(e)s, realists, tableaux-vivants, painting, photography, photo-sculpture and slide shows: documentation." artscanada June 1970
Lord, Barry. "John Meredith: the Isaacs Gallery, Toronto." artscanada 27 (1970)
Norton, Peter. "Wintering the Toronto Galleries." Artscanada April 1970
Shadbolt, Doris. "On the Evolution of John Chambers' Perceptual Realism." artscanada 27 (1970)
Simmins, Richard. "Gathie Falk." artscanada 27.3 (1970)
Simmonds, Richard. "8 Closets." artscanada June 1970
Sitney, P. Adams. "There is Only One Joyce." artscanada April 1970
Townsend, Charlotte. "Photo Show." artscanada July 1970
Youngblood, Gene. "Icon and Idea in the World of Michael Snow." artscanada 27 (1970)
Bloore, Ron, et al. "CBC-TV Symposium on the Sacred in Art." artscanada Toronto, Ontario: Society for Arts Publications, 1971
Cameron, Dorothy. "Reunion with Tony Urquhart." artscanada 28.2 (1971)
Chandler, J.N. "The Colours of Monochrome." artscanada Toronto, Ontario: Society for Arts Publications, 1971
Chandler, J.N. "Painting from Life." artscanada 28 (1971)
Fraser, Judy Williams. "Collage Show." Artscanada June 1971
Fulford, Robert. "The Multiplicity of Harold Town." artscanada April/May 1971
Fulford, Robert. "Multiplicity of Harold Town." artscanada 28 (1971)
Gopnik, Irwin and Myrna. "In the Galleries, Montreal." Artscanada April/May 1971
Gopnik, Myrna and Irwin. "New Montreal Sculpture." Artscanada June/July 1971
Greenwood, Michael. "Jean-Paul Riopelle: Poet of the Sign." artscanada 28 (1971)
Greenwood, Michael. "Kenneth Lochead: 'All Colours a Suffusion from that Light'." artscanada 28 (1971)
Lord, Barry. "From the 'Deck' at North Surrey: Landscape and Figure in the Art of Claude Breeze." artscanada 28 (1971)
Lord, Barry. "B.C. Almanack (H) C-B." artscanada February/March 1971
Lowndes, Joan. "Claude Breeze: Drawings Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, November 1970." artscanada 28 (1971)
McConnell, Clyde. "Seven Prairie Painters." Artscanada December 1971 /January 1972
McConnell, Clyde. "Two Albertans (review of John Hall/Robert Carmichael exhibition." Artscanada April/May 1971
McPherson, Hugo. "Wieland: an Epiphany of North." artscanada 28 (1971)
Pinney, Marguerite. "Jack Shadbolt: the Bau-Xi Gallery." artscanada 28 (1971)
Thériault, Norman. "45 30' N-73 36' Inventory." artscanada Toronto, February/March 1971
Allodi, Mary. "Christiane Pflug." artscanada December 1972
Cameron, Dorothy. "Summer of '72: On View in London and Venice." artscanada 29 (1972)
Chandler, John Noel. "Colette Whiten: Her working and work." artscanada 29/2.166/168 (1972)
Coleman, Victor. "(Review of publication "IS")." artscanada 1972
Coleman, Victor. "Knowing: The Surface." artscanada February 1972
[Greg Curnoe]
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Coleman, Victor. "The Summer of '72." artscanada Toronto, December 1972
[Image Bank, Dr. Brute, Glenn Lewis, Gary Lee-Nova, Anna Banana, Al Neil, brian Fisher, Roy Kiyooka et al]
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Dault, Gary Michael. "The Art of Roy Ascott." artscanada 166-168.Spring (1972)
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Dault, Gary Michael. "LeRoy and Colour." artscanada 169-171.Early Autumn (1972)
[Views on Hugh LeRoy's Sculpture at the Waddington Gallery, Montreal, June 14-July 1, 1972]
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Dault, Gary Michael. "With David Gilhooly in the Frog World." artscanada 166-168.Spring (1972)
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Dault, Gary Michael. "Montreal, plus or minus?." artscanada 169-171.Early Autumn (1972)
[Melvin Charney on Montreal's Planning Woes]
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Elliot, Dennis. "12th Annual Calgary Graphics Show." Artscanada Fall 1972
Emery, Tony. "Art Probe." artscanada February/March 1972
Gopnik, Irwin and Myrna. "Montrer All." Artscanada Spring 1972
Gopnik, Myrna and Irwin. "Montreal ALL." Artscanada December 1972/January 1973
Greenwood, Michael. "Soto, Thépot, Calleja, & Hayden." artscanada 169/170/171.Early Autumn 1972 (1972)
[François Thépot, Jesus Rafael Soto, Joseph Calleja, and Michael Hayden]
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Greenwood, Michael. "Mark Prent." artscanada 166/167/168.Spring (1972)
Heath, Terrence. "The Drawings of Ernest Lindner." artscanada 166/167/168.Spring (1972)
[Mendel Art Gallery and Civic Conservatory, Saskatoon, Winter 1972]
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Heath, Terrence. "Dorothy Knowles." artscanada Autumn 1972
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Heath, Terrence. "Brian Newman." artscanada 172/173.October/November (1972)
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Lowndes, Joan. "SCAN." artscanada 172/173.October/November (1972)
[The Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver]
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Lowndes, Joan. "New Galleries in Vancouver." artscanada Autumn 1972
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Shadbolt, Doris. "Tableau is Her Form: Gathie Falk." artscanada 29.2 (1972)
Weiler, Merike. "Tom Dean and Robin Collyer." artscanada 29.174/175 (1972)
Weiler, Merike. "In the Galleries - Toronto." Artscanada 29.172/173 (1972)
Wilkin, Karen. "Three Painters: Harold Feist, Dennis Elliott and Ranjan Sen." artscanada 172/173.October/November (1972)
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Zemans, Joyce. "Jules Olitski/Gene Davis." artscanada October/November 1972
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d'Or, Vic. "365 Boxes." artscanada 174-175 (1972)
Gagnon, François-Marc. "Quebec Painting 1953-56: A Turning Point." artscanada 176/177.February/March (1973)
[Borduas, Molinari, and Claude Tousignant]
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Greenwood, Michael. "David Bolduc's Recent Painting." artscanada 178/179.May (1973)
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Heath, Terrence. "The Regina Ceramists." artscanada May 1973
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Heath, Terrence. "The Cosmic Landscapes of Otto Rogers." artscanada February/March 1973
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Heath, Terrence. "Ted Godwin and John Nugent." artscanada 178/179.May (1973)
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Hitzeroth, Connie. "Colette Whiten." Artscanada 30/2.178/179 (1973)
Lowndes, Joan. "Reviews: Vancouver." artscanada 30.5/6 (1973)
Nasgaard, Roald. "Boucherville, Montreal, Toronto, London 1973." artscanada 30.182/183 (1973)
Vastokas, Joan M. "The Interdimensional Landscape: Archetypal Imagery in the Work of Tony Urquhart." artscanada 178/179.May (1973)
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Wilkin, Karen. "Robert Sinclair: Pertaining to White." artscanada 176/177.February/March (1973)
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Zemans, Joyce. "David Milne, 1911 - 1915." artscanada March 1973
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Zemans, Joyce. "The Art and Weltanschauung of Bertram Brooker." artscanada 176/177.February/March (1973)
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Zemans, Joyce. "Hans Hofmann/LeMoine Fitzgerald/Gino Lorcini." artscanada 178/179.May (1973)
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Ashton, Dore. "Canadian Art in Review." Artscanada 31.3-4 (1974)
Ashton, Dore. "Canadian Art in Review." artscanada XXXI.3/4 (1974)
Bodolai, Joe. "Sculpture: a rebirth of humanism, an Artscanada symposium." artscanada 31.2 (1974)
Cameron, Dorothy. "Sculpture: a rebirth of humanism [an artscanada symposium]." artscanada 31.2 (1974)
Chandler, John. Artscanada Toronto, Spring 1974
Ferguson, Bruce. "Review, 1973." Artscanada December 1973/January 1974
Greenwood, Michael. "Robert Murray: Against the Monument." artscanada 190-191 (1974)
Heath, Terrence. "WINNIPEG." artscanada December 1973/January 1974
[Laura Alpert]
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Heath, Terrence. "The Pensive Turtle." artscanada Autumn 1974
[Joe Fafard]
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Lowndes, Joan. "Modalities of West Coast Sculpture." artscanada 190/191.Autumn (1974)
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Richardson, Douglas. "National Science Library, Ottawa." artscanada Autumn 1974
Arn, Robert. "Uses and Transformation of History in the Work of Bloore and Snow." artscanada Toronto, Ontario: Society for Arts Publications, 1975
Bodolai, Joe. "Visit to Newfoundland." artscanada 32.4 (1975)
Burnett, David. "Some Canadian Women Artists: The National Gallery of Canada." artscanada Winter 1975-1976
Dault, Gary Michael. "Dault at the galleries in 1975." artscanada 202-203 (1975)
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Dault, Gary Michael. "Isaacs Gallery: Toronto." artscanada 32 (1975)
Gilbert, Gerry. "Laughter: Four Conversations with Roy Kiyooka." artscanada 202/203.Winter (1975)
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Greenwood, Michael. "The Canadian Canvas." ArtsCanada March 1975
Greenwood, Michael. "Relief Structures: Elizabeth Willmott and David Barr." artscanada 202/203.Winter (1975)
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Heinrich, Theodore Allen. "John Meredith: 15 Years." artscanada March 1975
Bodolai, Joe. "Recent Drawings by Tony Urquhart." Artscanada 33.1 (1976)
Bodolai, Joe. "Six Exhibitions; Barbara Astman: déjà vu Gallery of Photographic Art, January 6 - February 5." artscanada 33.1 (1976)
Bodolai, Joe. "Dennis Burton: The Isaacs Gallery, February 5-25." artscanada April/May 1976
Bodolai, Joe. "Norman White." artscanada 204/205.April/May (1976)
[The Vancouver Art Gallery, Sept. 26 - Nov. 2, 1975, The National Gallery of Canada, Dec. 5 1975 - Jan. 11, 1976, Owens Art Gallery, Sackville, New Brunswick, March 10 - 31, 1976]
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Burnett, David. "Quebec '75/Arts 1." Artscanada July/August 1976
Burnett, David. Artscanada Winter 1975-1976
Chandler, John Noel. "111 dessins du Quebec." artscanada Ottawa, avril-mai 1976
Chandler, John Noel. "Ill dessins du Quebec." Artscanada April 1976
Dault, Gary Michael. "Graham Coughtry: The Isaacs Gallery." artscanada April/May 1976
Dault, Gary Michael. "Graham Coughtry at The Isaacs Gallery, June 1975." artscanada 204/205.April/May (1976)
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Greenwood, Michael. "David Milne: The Toronto Year 1939-1940." artscanada 204/205.April/May (1976)
[Marlborough Godard Gallery, January 6-31, 1976]
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Greenwood, Michael. "Montreal: Deco 1925-1935." artscanada 202/203.Winter (1976)
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Greenwood, Michael. "A Selection of Painting in Toronto." artscanada 204/205.April/May (1976)
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Lowndes, Joan. "Western Triptych." artscanada 33.4 (1976)
McConathy, Dale. "Corrid'art." artscanada Ottawa, juillet-aout 1976
McCutcheon, Sarah. "Montreal: David Sorensen." Artscanada January 1976
Wilkin, Karen. "(review of "Changes" exhibition)." artscanada 1976
Woodman, Ross. "Greg Curnoe's New Drawings: Homage to Van Dongen." artscanada 1.April/May (1976)
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Woodman, Ross. "London Painting Now." artscanada 33.April/May (1976)
[London Art Gallery, January 9-February 1, 1976]
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Bell, Keith. "1971-1977: The Land. Norman MacKenzie Art Gallery, University of Regina, Saskatchewan Exhibit." Artscanada March/April 1977
Cameron, Eric. "Gerald Ferguson, Paintings." ArtsCanada May/June 1977
Handforth, Robert. "A Space/Forest City exchange." artscanada October/November 1977
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Woods, Kay. "A Kenneth Lochhead Retrospective." artscanada April/May 1978
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Woods, Kay. "Review." Artscanada December 1978 /January 1979
Arthur, Cathy. "Kenneth Lochhead." artscanada August/September 1979
Chandler, John Noel. "Vera Frenkel: A room with a view." artscanada 228/229.August/September (1979)
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Cowan, Doris. "Todd Watts at the Yarlow/Salzman Gallery, 1979." artscanada 226/227.May/June (1979)
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Cowan, Doris. "K.M. Graham." artscanada 226/227.May/June (1979)
[Klonaridis Inc.]
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Cowan, Judith. "Nouvelle Figuration en Gravure Québécoise." artscanada 226/227.May/June (1979)
[Musee Beaulne, Coaticook, Quebec, January 14-February 11, 1979]
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Greenwood, Michael. "Some Nationalist Facets of Canadian Art." artscanada 232/233.December 1979/January 1980 (1979)
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Heinrich, Theodore Allen. "Gordon Rayner: Edging up to Paradise." artscanada 226/227.May/June (1979)
View text
Heinrich, Theodore Allen. "Ronald Bloore: New Directions." artscanada 226/227 .May/June (1979)
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Isaac-Gelfand, Donna. "Review: Ottawa." Artscanada Toronto, May/June 1979
Jones, D.G. "Doucet-Saito: Momentum in clay." artscanada August/ September 1979
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Tousley, Nancy. "Night Prairies: New Drawings by Takao Tanabe." Artscanada October/November 1979
Tousley, Nancy. "Ivan Eyre." artscanada 232/233.December 1979/January 1980 (1979)
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Tousley, Nancy. "Sydney Drum." artscanada 226/227.June (1979)
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Urquhart, Jane. "Jean McEwen." artscanada 226/227.May/June (1979)
[Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto, March 3-28, 1979]
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Vastokas, Joan M. "The Roots of Abstraction: An Introduction." artscanada Toronto, Ontario: Society for Arts Publications, 1979
Webb, Marshall. Artscanada Winter 1979
Woods, Kay. "Jack Bush." artscanada 232/233.December 1979/January 1980 (1979)
[Waddington Galleries, Toronto, November 3 - 28, 1979]
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Woods, Kay. "Ted Godwin." artscanada 226/227.May/June (1979)
[Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, April 7 - 26, 1979]
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Woods, Kay. "Gordon Smith / David Blackwood." artscanada 232/233.December 1979/January 1980 (1979)
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Woods, Kay. "A History of Painters Eleven." artscanada 226/227.May/June (1979)
[The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa]
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Woods, Kay. Artscanada August/September 1979
Woods, Kay. "The Renascence of Canadian Art 1950 - 1960." artscanada 232/233.December 1979/January 1980 (1979)
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Burnett, David. "Review of John Hall: Paintings and Auziliary Works 1969-78." Artscanada Toronto, April/May 1980
Burnett, David. "Pierre Boogaerts, Galerie Gilles Gheerbrant, Montreal, October 4 - November 3 [1979]." artscanada 232/233.December 1979-January 1980 (1980)
[Pierre Boogaerts and Charles Gagnon, Guido Molinari, Greg Curnoe, Richard Mill, Leopold Plotek, Irene Whittome and Serge Tousignant]
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Cornwell, Regina. "Michael Snow: The Decisive Moment Revised." artscanada April/May 1980
Doris Cowan. "Robert Sinclair at Aggregation Gallery, 1980." artscanada 232/233.January (1980)
[September 29-October 17, 1979]
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Emery, Tony. "Review." Artscanada December/January 1979-1980
Heinrich, Theodore Allen. "Turning and Reaching: Recent work of Graham Coughtry." artscanada April/May 1980
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Boyle, John. "Point in Time." artscanada 244-247.March (1982)
[originally published in artscanada, Vol. XXXII #2, 198/199, June 1975]
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Bowers, Robert. "An Interview with Ric Evans." artscanada January 1984
Zemans, Joyce. "Video Activity of N.E. Thing Co. Ltd." artscanada XXX.182/183

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