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Jennifer Angus

Artist Statement

In my work I combine photography with textiles. I have always been drawn toward patterned surfaces, and particularly textiles in which pattern is inherent. Initially, it was simply visual pleasure that entranced me; years later, through study, I am impressed and fascinated by the language of pattern. It can identify a people, a region from which they come, as well as a person's age, profession and social status within a society. Using both patterns occurring in nature and from existing textiles, I create a language that informs the photographed subjects which are juxtaposed with backgrounds of pattern.

The photography is my own, with the exception of obvious historical sources. I have traveled extensively in Northern Thailand, the home of my husband's family. He is of the Karen hill tribe who reside along the Thai/Burmese (now Myanmar) border. My work features the people of this tribe and their neighbours primarily. I am interested in the idea of "The Other", whether it is my husband within my culture or myself within his.
I try to explore issues of culture clash; including the subjugation of a people, condescending attitudes toward their beliefs and customs, and the appropriation and commercialization of "exotica" for western consumption.

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