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Wayne Boucher

Artist Statement

I was drowning. I was five. A sunny August day, sitting on a single rounded rock in mid stream. Who put me there? I can't swim. Sliding down the green slime into a wonder-ment of dazzling light and greens watching the last gasp of bubbles. My eldest daughter once said she wanted to go home although she was home. In Nova Scotia, I live surrounded by woods. My painting prac-tice for the last ten years has been about watery places. All I really want people to do is fall in and drown in the work. Perhaps, the need to find home. That's why I paint. Since 1975 my painted work has dealt with surface tensions between figuration and abstraction, geometry, and organicism in play with large elemental fields of colour, or black and white. The paintings from (1997-2000) utilized a variety of international signaling codes; such as marine signal flags, ground to air signals, and Morse code. In the past works, these spatial images portended to vast oceanic voyages, and dangerous crossings in a dialec-tical tension with the systemic pattern and codifica-tion of the signal props. The work in this exhibition are more elemental and evocative of particular creat-ed spaces and places.

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