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Alice Teichert

Artist Statement

In my painting I seek to continue an itinerary from a European formation, from a semiotic view point to a poetic abstraction. When describing my process of painting I like to bring forth, to draw an analogy by pointing onto the space found between the words of a typeset page, of a text.

I paint 'with ( ) out ( ) words' and embrace the notion of space between 'printed words', as it Is that space which allow for more to happen. The intent focuses on that felt space where motions take note from a place beyond description.

A painting results from time spent 'drawing down', observing pure states of beauty in colour in which new visions occur. Multiple facets or possibilities call for hinging points to draw a bridge -- Silence -- to a continuum. Inner spaces paint and catalyze the language of colour and simple forms. The image draws itself, when background and balances within


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