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Victor Coleman. "The Summer of '72." artscanada 1972
[Image Bank, Dr. Brute, et al]

John Bentley Mays. "General Idea." Open Letter 2.8 (1974)

Victor Coleman. "Dr. Brute: Leopard Reality." Only Paper Today 1976
[with David Young]

Scott Watson. "Hand of the Spirit." 1992
[Documents of the Seventies from the Morris/Trasov Archive]

Michael Morris. "Ray Johnson: An Appreciation." 1999

Luis Jacob. "Golden Streams: Artists' Collaboration and Exchange in the
1970's [General Idea, Image Bank, et al.]."

Muffet Jones. "Inhabiting the Borderline: The Abject in the Work and
Correspondence of Ray Johnson and May Wilson."

Robyn Laba. "A Short History of the New York Correspondence School and the
Early Canadian Mail Art Network."

Sharla Sava. "Determining the Cultural Ecology: Ray Johnson and the New York
Corres Sponge Dance School of Vancouver."

Peter Schuyff. "Final Exams at the NYCSFF."

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