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Danse dans la neige

Danse dans la neige was conceived as one of a cycle of 4 dances themed for the seasons. L’Été (now lost) was shot on 16mm film by Françoise’s mother while on holiday in July,1947. A spur of the moment invitation from Jean-Paul Riopelle in 1948 sparked the improvisational performance the next day of Danse dans la neige. Danced and directed by Sullivan, recorded on film by Riopelle and on camera by Maurice Perron, only the photographs survive.

The full cycle of four dances was finally completed 59 years later. Les Saisons Sullivan (2007), a collaboration involving Sullivan (choreographer/director) Mario Côté (filmmaker), Marion Landry (photographer), Louise Déry (writer), UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal), and dancers Andrée-Maude Côté, Anik Hamel, Louise Bédard, and Ginette Boutin produced a film and limited-edition book.

running time: 13:26 français

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