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Paul Hodgson
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History of Spencer Francey Peters

Paul talks about the history of Spencer Francey Peters (originally known as Fifty Fingers), their commencer in the music business and the move to the corporate world. He also lists the important players and explains how their specific strengths balance the company.

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Canadian Design Style

Paul explains how the Canadian design style can largely be traced to two major design firms operating in the 1970's and 80's: Gottschalk & Ash and Burns & Cooper.

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Working at Spencer Francey Peters

The collegial atmosphere at sfp is "really who they are", says Paul. A number of partners have joined them over the years and tried to help them implement better business strategies, but it is essentially the core group that has remained.

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The Four Seasons

According to Paul, the most important piece of business they have is with The Four Seasons. He explains the pitch that won them the account in the early 1990's and the growth of the business since then.

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