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Ralph Tibbles
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Thoughts on Allan Fleming
(As a teacher at OCA)

Ralph describes the unique teaching style of designer
Allan Fleming
. Unlike other classes, Fleming's classroom was one that "sparkled".

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First Job (McLarens)

Ralph talks about getting his first job as a designer and explains what that job involved.

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Working with Allan Fleming

According to Ralph, Allan Fleming wasn't just a brilliant designer. From his impressive memory to his charismatic personality, Fleming proved to be multitalented and consequently, an "extraordinary" presence in the Toronto design community.

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The Stamp Advisory Board

Prior to the establishment of The Stamp Advisory Board, the stamps produced in Canada were an "embarrassment to the country", says Ralph. After serving on the board for many years, Ralph designed several stamps himself.

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Advice to students

Ralph lists his advice to students. Be prepared to work long hours. Be willing to move. Stand up for yourself. Spend time on research. Keep a daily time sheet for billing. Sketch an idea before touching a mouse. Rely on concept rather than technique. Choose an accountant, lawyer, financial advisor, partner and doctor you can trust.

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