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RAW:Gallery of Architecture and Design
Lower level, 290 McDermot Ave., Winnipeg
Director: Joe Kalturnyk

The mandate of RAW:Gallery of Architecture and Design is to foster the discussion, exploration and experimentation around the ideas, politics and psychology of space. Through exhibitions, lectures, screenings and literature we showcase artists, architects, designers, writers and academics whose work situates itself in contemporary ideas of space. RAW:Gallery strives to create an environment where members of the community can further their understanding and their commitment to art, design and the city.

RAW:Gallery began January 19th, 2010 at 290 McDermot Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Since it's inception RAW:Gallery has initiated several key civic projects as well as highlighted many of Winnipeg's emerging artist's, architects and designers. The gallery is currently run by founding director Joseph Kalturnyk and a board of directors made up of members of the art and architecture community, currently presided over by Johanna Hurme of 5468796 architecture. RAW:Gallery adheres to all CARFAC fee schedules and all participants in gallery projects are remunerated accordingly.

RAW:Gallery has been reviewed in several key publications most notably several times in Bordercrossings magazine as well as Macleans magazine, CN Traveller, The Independent and the New York for exhibitions and cross-cultural partnership programming.

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