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The Grand Western Canadian Screen Shop
50 Princess Street, Winnipeg [1968-1988]
Founder and Director: Bill Lobchuk

Established in Winnipeg in 1968 by Bill Lobchuk, The Grand Western Canadian Screen Shop was the first print shop of its kind in Western Canada. During its 20 year existence, it earned the reputation as being at the forefront of experimental printmaking technology, and became one of the most important artistic forces in Canadian art. Many prominent Canadian artists worked at the Screen Shop, including Daphne Odjig, Jackson Beardy, Carl Ray, Pierre Ayot, and General Idea.

The Screen Shop was also the hub of printmaking production and distribution for numerous outstanding Prairie printers and artists, such as Judith Allsopp, Louis Bako, Joe Fafard, Chris Finn, Randy Gledhill, Ted Howorth, Winston Leathers, Bill Lobchuk, Don Proch, Tony Tascona, and David Thauberger.

Screen Shop Chronology and Timeline

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