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The Winnipeg Effect: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

The Winnipeg Art Gallery, November 3-5, 2016



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Symposium Program [pdf]

THURSDAY evening, November 3

6:30 pm      Registration

7:00 pm      Welcoming Remarks Winnipeg Art Gallery

                  Patricia Bovey, Director Emerita, Winnipeg Art Gallery and Past-Chair, Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art

                  Bill Kirby, Founder and Director, Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art

                  GUEST SPEAKER
                  Dr. Martha Langford
                  Research Chair and Director
                  Gail & Stephen A. Jarislowsky Institute for Studies in Canadian Art, Concordia University


FRIDAY, November 4

8:30 am      Registration / Coffee

9:00 am      Welcoming Remarks

                  Jeanne Randolph: Sewer Stories

                  Spotlight 1:
                  Kegan McFadden: Border Crossings

                  PANEL 1: The Winnipeg Effect (those from here, who left or stayed)
                       Suzanne Gillies
                       Robert Houle
                       Laura Letinsky
                       Moderator: Noam Gonick
                  [Panel sponsored by Plug In Inc., Buhler Gallery, Video Pool, & Platform centre for photographic + digital arts]

                  Spotlight 2:
                  Leona Herzog & Ted Howorth: Bill Lobchuk, Grand Western Canadian Screen Shop, & CARFAC Manitoba

10:45 am    Health Break

11:00 am    Spotlight 3:
                  Liv Valmestad: Diane Whitehouse and MAWA (Mentoring Artists for Women's Art)

                  PANEL 2: The Winnipeg Effect (those who came and stayed)
                       hannah_g: Institutional Generosity
                       Kristin Nelson: A Winnipeg Effect
                       Alexis Kinloch
                  Moderator: Mary Reid
                  [Panel sponsored by MAWA, aceartinc., and School of Art, University of Manitoba]

                  Spotlight 4: Celebrating the legacy of The Professional Native Indian Artists Inc. in Canada
                  [guest presenter: Jaimie Isaac]

12:30 pm    LUNCH [included with registration]

1:30 pm      Spotlight 5: The 1980s in Winnipeg [guest presenter: Jon Tupper]

                  PANEL 3: The Winnipeg Effect
                      (assessing the history of contemporary art in Winnipeg & the impact of Winnipeg-themed exhibitions)

                       Sigrid Dahle: The Gothic Unconscious
                       Steven Loft
                       David Churchill
                  Moderator: Kegan McFadden
                  [Panel sponsored by Urban Shaman, Gallery 1C03, University of Winnipeg, and Martha Street Studio]

                  Spotlight 6: The Royal Art Lodge [presenter: Diana Thorneycroft]

3:30 pm      Health Break

3:45 pm      Spotlight 7:
                  Doug Melnyk [guest presenter]: The Sleeping Beauty Cabaret

                  KEYNOTE PRESENTATION
                  Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan: Why Winnipeg?
                  Introduction by Bev Pike
                  [sponsored by the Library Gallery / Cliff Eyland]

4:30 pm      BOOK LAUNCH
                   AUNT AGONY'S CAVALCADE OF MYSTERIES, by Bev Pike.
                      [designed by Susan Chafe, Lives of Dogs Press; distributed by Also As Well Too Book Library]
                   Winnipeg Telephone (Artist) Book. Also As Well Too Press

5:00 pm      Evening open for FIRST FRIDAY Exhibition Openings and Events

SATURDAY, November 5

11:00 am    Open for visits to Winnipeg's many galleries and artist-run centres.


4:00 pm      EVERYTHING MUST GO!: Plugette ephemera 1972-1980
                   [Archival material & photograph documentation of the first decade of Plug In]
                   [From the personal archives of co-founders Suzanne Gillies and Douglas Sigurdson]

                   Publication Launch: MONDO TRASHO, edited by Kegan McFadden. (As We Try & Sleep Press)
                   LANTERN Gallery, Winnipeg

6:00 pm      There's More Than One Way
                   [An overview of collective art making practices in Winnipeg, 1968 - NOW]
                   Curated by Kegan McFadden.
                   Special Collections Gallery, School of Art, University of Manitoba

8:00 pm      The Revival of the Sleeping Beauty Cabaret: The Afterlife Cabaret
                   Organized by Doug Melnyk
                   [Performers: Ellen Peterson, Cathy Nosaty, Sharon Bajer, Debbie Patterson, Lori Freedman, Erika MacPherson,
                   Gerry Atwell, Angie St. Mars, Allysa Watson and Frances Koncan].
                   Jekyll & Hyde's Freehouse, Winnipeg