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Victor Coleman

Victor was born in Toronto in 1944. He has published a dozen books of poetry and has written art criticism for artscanada, Vanguard, C Magazine, Open Letter and other magazines. He was founding editor of the Coach House Press and an active editor between 1966 and 1975 and also resurrected the publisher in 1996 as Coach House Books, the world's first publisher, simultaneously, of full-text online books of poetry and fiction and print versions.

Victor was the co-artistic director of A Space, from 1975 thru 1978 and a publicist and programmer for The Music Gallery from 1983 thru 1988. He was also a founder of The Toronto Small Press Group and is currently working on the OneZeroZero project, a virtual library of one hundred years of small press publishing in English Canada (1945-2044).

Victor currently lives and works in Toronto.

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Selected Writings   
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Catalogue Essay
 Coleman, Victor. "Victor Coleman, R/S: The Initial as a Sign - Rick/Simon: Printed Matter." Toronto, Ontario: Glendon College, York University, 1987
[Rick/Simon: Printed Matter, The Glendon Gallery, York University, Toronto, September 10 - October 18, 1987]
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 Coleman, Victor. "A Lot of Good Guys Went Down." artscanada 128-129.April (1969)
[Walter Redinger & Ed Zelenak]
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 Coleman, Victor. "The Summer of '72." artscanada Toronto, December 1972
[Image Bank, Dr. Brute, Glenn Lewis, Gary Lee-Nova, Anna Banana, Al Neil, brian Fisher, Roy Kiyooka et al]
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 Coleman, Victor. "The Fig Leaf is Alive and Well." Canadian Forum June 1981
[Al Razutis / Ontario Censor Board]
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 Coleman, Victor. "RADIOS or mediachurch." unpublished 1982
[an investigation of two-dimensional performance]
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 Coleman, Victor. "Collage or Perish!." Toronto: Provincial Essays 4, 1987
[A Colloquium concerning 'Relations Between Writing and the Graphic Arts' held at Stanley House, The Gaspe, Quebec, Summer 1973]
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 Coleman, Victor. "Parking Lots for Greg Curnoe." Vancouver: Talonbooks, 1972
[First published privately by Gerry Gilbert and the author at Intermedia, Vancouver. Subsequently in Caterpillar (on the urging of Allen Ginsberg) then in Parking Lots (Talonbooks 1972) then collected in CORRECTIONS (Coach House 1985)]
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 Coleman, Victor. "What About All Those Buildings and Signs." artscanada Fall 1969
[David Bolduc]
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 Coleman, Victor. "Look at My Product." artscanada December 1970
[Notes, More or Less Specific, on Jim Dine]
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 Coleman, Victor. "John Greer/Eye/Ear." Open Letter 2.1.Winter (1972)
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 Coleman, Victor. "Knowing: The Surface." artscanada February 1972
[Greg Curnoe]
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 Coleman, Victor. "Dr. Brute: Leopard Reality." Only Paper Today 1975
[with David Young]
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 Fones, Robert; Coleman, Victor. "Dust in our Vortex." Is Summer 1975
 Coleman, Victor. "Gar Smith at the Isaacs Gallery." Only Paper Today 1975
[with Robert Fones]
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 Coleman, Victor. "HP at A Space and Beyond." Only Paper Today 1976
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 Coleman, Victor. "Arts Against Repression." Vanguard Summer 1982
[Artspace, Peterborough, Fall 1981]
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 Coleman, Victor. "Cost of Living." Vanguard October 1982
[Image Nation 25]
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 Coleman, Victor. "The End of Intelligent Art." Vanguard December 1982
[The First Monumenta]
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 Coleman, Victor. "Vera Frenkel: Likely Stories." Vanguard May 1982
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 Coleman, Victor. "ChromaLiving - the catalogue." Vanguard October 1984
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 Coleman, Victor. "Two Sides: Catherine MacTavish." C Magazine 10.December (1986)
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 Fones, Robert, Vic d'Or, and J.S. Bodolai. "Super Bart: Chapter Three." Proof Only 1.3 (1974)
 Coleman, Victor. "Interview with Sol Litman." Only Paper Today 1975
[with Marien Lewis]
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 Coleman, Victor. "The Spectre of Art." Strange Faeces 17 (1975)
[with drawings of Opal L. Nations]
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