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Ihor Holubizky

Ihor currently lives and works in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Email Contact: Ihor Holubizky

Selected Writings   
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Catalogue Essay
 Holubizky, Ihor. "Exhibiting Doubts." Toronto, Ontario: Garnet Press Gallery, 1986
[from the catalogue, Natalka Husar: Behind the Irony Curtain]
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 Holubizky, Ihor. "Small Villages, The Isaacs Gallery in Toronto: 1956 - 1991." 1992
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 Holubizky, Ihor. "The Wunderkammer." Hamilton: The Art Gallery of Hamilton's Isaacs Gallery, 1992
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 Holubizky, Ihor. "A PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE." Regina, Saskatchewan: Rosemont Art Gallery, 1996
[from the catalogue: Black Sea Blue: Natalka Husar Paintings]
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 Holubizky, Ihor. "Robert Hedrick." The Apollo Series 1974-75 1996
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 Holubizky, Ihor. "This is the Place." Iain Baxter, Products, Place, Phenomenon Windsor: Art Gallery of Windsor, 1996
[On Iain Baxter and The N.E. Thing Co.]
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 Holubizky, Ihor. "How to Get Less Out of Art: The Brothers Markle." Lola 4.Spring/Summer (1999)
[A short history of the founders of The Electric Gallery]
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 Holubizky, Ihor. "Don Jean-Louis." December 2000
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 Holubizky, Ihor. "Jean-Paul Riopelle." Queen Street Quarterly 5.2.Summer (2001)
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 Holubizky, Ihor. "Nicole Collins: Sample." Tokyo: The Embassy of Canada, 2002
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 Holubizky, Ihor. "Shelagh Keeley." Vanguard 13.10.January (1985)
[Grunwald Gallery, Toronto, 1985]
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 Holubizky, Ihor. "Wendy Coad." Vanguard 13.10.January (1985)
[A Space, Toronto, 1985]
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 Holubizky, Ihor. "Wendy Coburn." C Magazine 28.Winter (1991)
[YYZ, Toronto, 1991]
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 Holubizky, Ihor. "Madonna Staunton: sorting through...organizing things, in time...through time." Independent 1992
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 Holubizky, Ihor. "Fast Forward." Canadian Art Spring 1993
 Holubizky, Ihor. "Barbara Astman." art/text 60.February-April (1998)
[Jane Corkin Gallery, Toronto, 1997]
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