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John Bentley Mays

John Bentley Mays lives and works in Toronto.
He is former art critic for both The Globe and Mail and
The National Post.

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Selected Writings   
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 Mays, John Bentley. "General Idea." Open Letter 2.8.Summer (1974)
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 Mays, John Bentley. "The End of Beauty." Vanguard 11.4.May (1982)
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 Mays, John Bentley. "Miracles of Emanual Jaques." C Magazine 2.Summer (1984)
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 Mays, John Bentley. "The Truth About the USSR: Geoffrey Shea." Vanguard 15.5.October/November (1986)
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 Mays, John Bentley. "Pure Activity: Late Capitalist Texts To Be Sung." C Magazine 12.March (1987)
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 Mays, John Bentley. "So Much to See and Do: Kassel." C Magazine 14.Summer (1987)
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 Mays, John Bentley. "The Living Art Performance Festival." Vanguard 9.1.February (1980)
[Vancouver, 1980]
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 Mays, John Bentley. "Making art history with a high school gym and $6,000." The Globe and Mail 12 October 1981
 Mays, John Bentley. "Bernie Miller." Vanguard 11.7.September (1982)
[Glendon Gallery, Toronto, 1982]
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 Mays, John Bentley. "Unaffiliated Artists." Vanguard September 1983
 Mays, John Bentley. "Vincent Tangredi." Vanguard 12.2.March (1983)
[Carmen Lamanna Gallery, Toronto, 1982]
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 Mays, John Bentley. "Robert Fones at the Carmen Lamanna Gallery." The Globe and Mail 28 June 1984
 Mays, John Bentley. "Heatwave has its cold spots [review of "Field Identification"]." The Globe and Mail 13 February 1986
 Mays, John Bentley. "Berlin Dispatch (on Joseph Beuys)." C Magazine 18.Summer (1988)
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 Mays, John Bentley. "Beautiful Enigmas and no-nonsense realism." The Globe and Mail 2 June 1989
 Mays, John Bentley. "Micah Lexier, Scenes from a life in black and white." November 20, 1997
[Toronto Photographers Workshop]
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 Mays, John Bentley. "Micah Lexier." The Globe & Mail
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