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 Greenwood, Michael. "Mark Prent." artscanada 166/167/168.Spring (1972)
 Greenwood, Michael. "David Milne: The Toronto Year 1939-1940." artscanada 204/205.April/May (1976)
[Marlborough Godard Gallery, January 6-31, 1976]
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 Greenwood, Michael. "Montreal: Deco 1925-1935." artscanada 202/203.Winter (1976)
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 Greenwood, Michael. "Jean-Paul Riopelle: Icebergs." 226/227.May/June (1979)
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 Greenwood, Michael. "Mark Prent: Catharsis and the Incarnate Nightmare." Vanguard 8.2.March (1979)
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 Greenwood, Michael. "Soto, Thépot, Calleja, & Hayden." artscanada 169/170/171.Early Autumn 1972 (1972)
[François Thépot, Jesus Rafael Soto, Joseph Calleja, and Michael Hayden]
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 Greenwood, Michael. "David Bolduc's Recent Painting." artscanada 178/179.May (1973)
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 Greenwood, Michael. "Relief Structures: Elizabeth Willmott and David Barr." artscanada 202/203.Winter (1975)
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 Greenwood, Michael. "A Selection of Painting in Toronto." artscanada 204/205.April/May (1976)
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 Greenwood, Michael. "Some Nationalist Facets of Canadian Art." artscanada 232/233.December 1979/January 1980 (1979)
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