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Ron Shuebrook

Ron was born in Fort Monroe, Virginia, USA in 1943.
He currently lives and works in Toronto, Ontario.

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Selected Writings   
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Shuebrook, Ron. "Michael Fernandes." Vanguard 9.2.March (1980)
[Eye Level Gallery, Halifax, 1980]
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Shuebrook, Ron. "Bruce Parsons: From Emma Lake to Mother Earth." Vanguard 11.1.February (1982)
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Shuebrook, Ron. "Lynn Donoghue." Vanguard 13.5/6.Summer (1984)
[Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery, Halifax, 1984]
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Shuebrook, Ron. "Thinking and Making: Notes for the Duration." Montreal: Concordia Art Gallery, 1986
[Recent Works, Concordia Art Gallery, Montreal, March 19 -April 26, 1986]
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Shuebrook, Ron. "John Greer." Vanguard 16.4.September/October (1987)
[Dalhousie Art Gallery, Halifax, 1987]
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Shuebrook, Ron. "Ronald Bloore at the Art Gallery of Hamilton." Canadian Art Summer 1992
Shuebrook, Ron. "Context and Paradigm."
[For John Clark]
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Art work
Ron is also an artist.
His works can be viewed from his Artist profile page.

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