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Yvonne Lammerich

Yvonne was born in Germany in 1946.
She currently lives and works in Toronto.

Email Contact: Yvonne Lammerich

Selected Writings   
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 Lammerich, Yvonne. "The Empirical Presence: Barbara Caruso, Jean-Marie Delavalle, Yves Gaucher, Ron Martin, Jaan Poldaas, Henry Saxe." Montreal: Galerie Optica, Fall 1991
[from the catalogue for The Emperical Presence (Caruso, Delavalle, Gaucher, Martin, Poldaas & Saxe) at Galerie Optica, Montreal, Quebec, October 12 - November 10 1991, co-curated by James D. Campbell and Yvonne Lammerich]
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 Lammerich, Yvonne. "Que Sera Sera." Etc Montréal 50.June-August (2000)
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 Lammerich, Yvonne. "Eva Brandl: Faust, Extraits et autres speculations." Parachute July-September 1999
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 Lammerich, Yvonne. "The Dance of Life: Eva Brandl." ETC Montréal 52.December 2000-February 2001 (2000)
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 Lammerich, Yvonne. "Between Inner and 0uter Space, John D. Barrow, New York, OUP, 1999." etc Montreal 53.March-May (2001)
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 Lammerich, Yvonne. "CINEMA ARCADE: The 49th Venice Biennial of Contemporary Art." ETC Montréal 55.September-November (2001)
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 Lammerich, Yvonne. "Tracking Athabasca: Landon Mackenzie." Canadian Art 18.1.Spring (2001)
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 Lammerich, Yvonne. "Why Does Terror Seem So Intimate? Sarah Stevenson." ETC Montréal 54.June-August (2001)
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 Lammerich, Yvonne. "Montréal: Atom Egoyan, Betty Goodwin, Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller, and Nadine Normand." Contemporary October 2002
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 Lammerich, Yvonne. "Montréal: Shirin Neshat, Yan Pei Ming, Ange Leccio, Pierrick Sorin, Koo Jeong-a, Pipilotti Rist, Mies van der Rohe, Ammar Elouiene and Rober Racine." Contemporary April 2002
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Art work
Yvonne is also an artist.
Her works can be viewed from her Artist profile page.

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