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Liz Wylie

Liz Wylie is currently the curator of the Kelowna Art Gallery.

Previously she was the Art Curator at the University of Toronto for eleven years. She has written extensively on historical and contemporary Canadian Art since the late 1970s.

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Selected Writings   
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Catalogue Essay
 Wylie, Liz. "Barbara Astman: personal/persona - A 20-Year Survey." (from the catalogue) 1995
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 Wylie, Liz. "Joyce Wieland (retrospective)." #44 (1988)
[Art Gallery of Ontario, April 16 - June 28 1987]
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 Wylie, Liz. "Richard Gorman: Pure Painting." Ottawa: The Ottawa Art Gallery, 1996
[The Ottawa Art Gallery, September 19 - November 17 1996]
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 Wylie, Liz. "Douglas Bentham." Vanguard 11.9/10.January (1982)
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 Wylie, Liz. "Lynn Donoghue." Vanguard 11.1.February (1982)
[Klonaridis Inc., Toronto, November 28 - December 13, 1981]
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 Wylie, Liz. "Sybil Goldstein." Vanguard 11.4.May (1982)
[Idée Gallery, Toronto, February 20 - March 12, 1982]
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 Wylie, Liz. "Douglas Bentham." Vanguard 12.5/6.Summer (1983)
[Gordon Snelgrove Gallery, Saskatoon, March 7 - 18, 1983]
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 Wylie, Liz. "John Chalmers and Doug Clark." Vanguard 11.9/10.January (1983)
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 Wylie, Liz. "The Underside of Edmonton: Bob Iveson, Tommie Gallie, Jim Davies and Cherie Moses." Vanguard 13.4.May (1983)
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 Wylie, Liz. "Bill Rodgers." Vanguard 13.5/6.Summer (1984)
[Paul Kuhn Fine Arts, Calgary, 1984]
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 Wylie, Liz. "Robert Sinclair." Vanguard 13.10.January (1985)
[Hett Gallery, Edmonton, 1985]
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 Wylie, Liz. "John Meredith." Vanguard 16.2.April/May (1986)
[The Isaacs Gallery, Toronto, 1986]
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 Wylie, Liz. "John Scott: War Artist." C Magazine 13.Spring (1987)
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 Wylie, Liz. "Landon Mackenzie ." #31.Fall (1991)
[Wynick Tuck Gallery, Toronto]
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 Wylie, Liz. "John Armstrong ." 1998
[Cold City Gallery, Toronto]
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