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 Keziere, Russell and Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker. "In Conversation with Paul Wong." Vanguard 8.1.February (1979)
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 Keziere, Russell. "Ann Mandlsohn & Basia Irland." 8.2.March (1979)
[Open Space Gallery, Victoria, January 8 - 29, 1979]
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 Keziere, Russell. "Catherine MacTavish." Vanguard 8.9.November (1979)
[Kyles Gallery, Victoria, September 9 - October 3, 1979]
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 Wallace, Ian and Russell Keziere. "In Conversation with Bruce Nauman." Vanguard 8.1.February (1979)
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 Keziere, Russell. "Rodney Graham: Illuminated Ravine and Camera Obscura." Vanguard 8.9.November (1979)
[Burnaby and Abbotsford, August and September]
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 Keziere, Russell. "Tanenbaums' Other 19th Century." Vanguard 8.1.February (1979)
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 Keziere, Russell. "A Travelogue: An Interview with Michael Markham." Vanguard 9.1.February (1980)
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 Keziere, Russell. "John Mitchell." Vanguard 9.4.May (1980)
[306 Abbott, Vancouver, March and April]
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 Keziere, Russell. "Leon Polk Smith." Vanguard 9.1.February (1980)
[Ace Gallery, Vancouver, September 23 - November 14]
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 Keziere, Russell. "Mowry Baden, Tom Burrows, Elza Mayhew & Greg Snider." Vanguard 9.1.February (1980)
[Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, November 28 - January 6]
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 Keziere, Russell. "Ray Arnatt." Vanguard 9.4.May (1980)
[Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver, March 17 - 29]
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