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 Dewdney, Christopher. "Murray Favro: The Paradigm of Invention." Vanguard 12.7.September (1983)
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 Dewdney, Christopher. "City States." M5V Magazine 1.1.Fall (1991)
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 Fones, Robert. "A Palaeozoic Geology of London, Ontario by Christopher Dewdney." Proof Only 1.2 (1973)
 Dewdney, Christopher. "Aquatic Sections and Interior Cartography." Only Paper Today 1.8 (1974)
[Robert Fones at Carmen Lamanna May 11-30]
 Dewdney, Christopher. "Richard Hambleton." Vanguard 11.4.May (1982)
[Flavio Belli Gallery, Toronto, February 25 - March 21]
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 Dewdney, Christopher. "Meetings with Remarkable Images - Rick/Simon: Printed Matter." 1987
[Rick/Simon: Printed Matter, The Glendon Gallery, York University, Toronto, September 10 - October 18, 1987]
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 Dewdney, Christopher. "Enigmatic/Emblematic: The Internal Logic of Judith Schwarz's Sculpture." Canadian Art 6.4.December (1989)
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