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Richard Rhodes

Richard Rhodes lives and works in Toronto where he is the
editor of Canadian Art magazine and former editor of C.

Selected Writings   
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 Rhodes, Richard. "Tim Zuck: Small Melancholies." Vanguard 12.2.March (1983)
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 Rhodes, Richard. "David Rabinowitch." Vanguard 9.4.May (1980)
[Carmen Lamanna Gallery, Toronto, March 8 - 26]
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 Rhodes, Richard. "Louis Comtois." Vanguard 9.4.May (1980)
[Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, March 7 - 27]
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 Rhodes, Richard. "Nancy Johnson & Jesse John Scott." Vanguard 9.2.March (1980)
[Carmen Lamanna Gallery, Toronto, December 8 - January 3]
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 Rhodes, Richard. "Pierre Boogaerts." Vanguard 9.4.May (1980)
[Ydessa Gallery, Toronto, March 1 - 22]
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 Rhodes, Richard. "Reinhard Reitzenstein." Vanguard 9.2.March (1980)
[Carmen Lamanna Gallery, Toronto, November 17 - December 6]
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 Rhodes, Richard. "Robin Peck." Vanguard 9.2.March (1980)
[Mercer Union, Toronto, November 21 - December 8]
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 Rhodes, Richard. "Andy Patton at A Space, 1982." Vanguard 11.1.February (1982)
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 Rhodes, Richard. "Ian Wallace." Vanguard 11.7.September (1982)
[David Bellman Gallery, Toronto, June]
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 Rhodes, Richard. "John Brown, Marc Deguerre, and Neil Grieve." Vanguard 11.7.September (1982)
[Chromazone, Toronto, April 21 - May 8]
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 Rhodes, Richard. "Michael Davey." Vanguard 12.2.March (1983)
[Studio Installation, Toronto, December 11 - December 18]
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