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Walter Klepac

Walter currently lives and works in Toronto, Ontario.

Email Contact: Walter Klepac

Selected Writings   
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Catalogue Essay
 Klepac, Walter. "Truth and Desire: The Illuminated Bookworks of Ian Carr-Harris Continuum." Lethbridge, Alberta: Southern Alberta Art Gallery, 1996
[Contemporary Canadian Sculpture Series]
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 Klepac, Walter. "David Rabinowitch: The Construction of Vision 1973-1975." Parachute No 3.April - May -June (1976)
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 Klepac, Walter. "Conjectural Imaging: Dennis Oppenheim." Vanguard 8.8.October (1979)
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 Klepac, Walter. "The Order of Words/The Order of Things/Deconstruction in Contemporary Art." C Magazine Fall 1984
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 Klepac, Walter. "The Frescoes and Sculpture of Vincent Tangredi." C Magazine 10.Summer (1986)
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 Klepac, Walter. "Some Postmodern Paradigms." C Magazine 30.Summer (1991)
[Laurie Anderson, Cindy Sherman, Jenny Holzer, Mary Kelly and Jeff Wall]
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 Klepac, Walter. "The Post-modern Catechism [or Why Art Criticism is So Hard to Read]." Canadian Art Winter (1991)
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 Klepac, Walter. "Transformation in the Paintings and Objects of Ron Martin, 1991-1992." Toronto, 1993
Ron Martin: Two Essays on Art and Knowledge
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 Klepac, Walter. "Remarks on a symposium: High Stakes: A Global Crisis in Art?."
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Exhibition Catalogue
 Klepac, Walter. "Reading: Public Signs, Private Acts." Toronto: Art Gallery of York University, 1991
 Klepac, Walter. "Guido Molinari." Vanguard 12.5/6.Summer (1983)
[Yarlow/Saltzman Gallery, Toronto, February 19 - March 13]
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