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Catalogue Essay
 Grenville, Bruce. "The New City of Sculpture." C 3.Fall (1984)
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Exhibition Catalogue
 Grenville, Bruce. "New City of Sculpture." C Magazine Toronto, 1984
 Grenville, Bruce. "Elizabeth Mackenzie, Now This." C Magazine 3.Fall (1984)
[YYZ, Toronto, June 18-July 7, 1984]
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 Grenville, Bruce. "Theatre of the Imagination." C Magazine 5.Spring (1985)
[Françoise Boulet, Genevieve Cadieux, and Sandra Meigs; Musée des beaux-arts, Montréal, December 14-January 20, 1985 ]
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 Grenville, Bruce. "Douglas Walker." Vanguard 16.4.September/October (1987)
[S.L. Simpson Gallery, Toronto, April 24 - May 20, 1987]
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 Grenville, Bruce. "Robert Flack." Vanguard 16.4.September/October (1987)
[Cold City Gallery, Toronto, April 17 - May 6, 1987]
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