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Tom Dean

Tom was born in Markdale, Ontario in 1947.
He currently lives and works in Toronto, Ontario.

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Selected Writings   
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 Dean, Tom. "Albert Speer Meets the Buddha." Toronto: The Ontario College of Art and Design, 1980
[The Ontario College of Art Faculty of Experimental Art Exhibition Catalogue]
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 Dean, Tom. "The Upright Dot." FILE Summer 1980
[Interviewed by Shannon Griffiths]
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 Dean, Tom. "Her Majesty." FILE Megazine 5.1.March (1981)
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 Dean, Tom. "Ramps." Impulse 9.1.Spring (1981)
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 Dean, Tom. "Face." unpublished 1985
[10:46:47 AM 8/30/85]
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 Dean, Tom. "Idolatry." unpublished 1985
[3:48:43 PM 8/30/85]
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 Dean, Tom. "Excerpts from a Description of the Universe." 1986-89
[File Magazine, Spring 1987/Impulse, Winter 1989/ Rubicon, Summer 1986]
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 Dean, Tom. "This Is Paradise." Toronto: The Cameron House, 1987
[First published as a pamphlet by The Cameron House in 1987, and reprinted in C Magazine, Winter 1988]
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 Dean, Tom. "Age, Death, Kids, Power." Impulse Magazine 15.4 (1990)
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 Dean, Tom. "The 21st Century." Mangajin Books 2 (1993)
[Sensoria from Censorium]
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 Dean, Tom. "Michael Fernandes." Toronto: Mercer Union, 1995
[Concerning Michael Fernandes's I am a Failure, from White Lily Presents, The Project Room, Mercer Union, January 12-August 5, 1995]
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 Dean, Tom. "Notes on Desire." Canadian Art 2001
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 Dean, Tom. "Luv is the Drug." unpublished
[Some Notes for my Children]
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Script (Performance)
 Dean, Tom. "Fear of Blue." unpublished
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 Dean, Tom. "Desire: an installation for the Toronto Sculpture Garden." Canadian Art 18.2.Summer (2001)

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Art work
Tom is also an artist.
His works can be viewed from his Artist profile page.

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