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Robert Fones

Né à London (Ontario) en 1949,
Robert habite et travaille à Toronto.

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Catalogue Essai
 Fones, Robert. "A Spanner in the Works: The Furniture of Russell Spanner, 1950-1953." Toronto: The Power Plant, 1990
[January 19 - February 25, 1990]
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Artists Project
 Fones, Robert. "Erratics Train." Eye of Nature Banff, Alberta: Walter Phillips Gallery, : 89-102.
[Daina Augaitis, Helga Pakassar]
 Fones, Robert. "Kollages." Toronto: The Coach House Press, 1970
 Fones, Robert. "Anthropomorphiks." Toronto: The Coach House Press, 1971
 Fones, Robert. "The Forest City." Toronto: The Coach House Press, 1974
Book Critique
 Fones, Robert. "Book Review: Many are Called, Few are Chosen (Lord, Barry The History of Painting in Canada: Toward a People's Art)." Only Paper Today 2.3 (1974): 2.
 Fones, Robert. "Crossed Lines: New Territories of Design." Azure November/December 2004
 Fones, Robert. "Colour and Technique in the Work of Joanne Tod, Greg Curnoe and Jaan Poldaas." C Magazine 38.Summer (1993)
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 Fones, Robert. "Hand Tools." 1998
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Exhibition Catalogue
 Fones, Robert. "Hand Tools." Murray Favro London: London Regional Art and Historical Museums/Mackintosh Gallery, 1999
Literary Supplement
 Fones, Robert. "Poems." 20 Cents Magazine 4.1 (1970)
Published Writing
 Fones, Robert. "The Blank-Faced People of Iden Moor." 20 Cents Magazine 3.1-2 (1969)
 Fones, Robert. "Glorification of the Mundane." 20 Cents Magazine 4.4 (1970)
 Fones, Robert, Vic d'Or, Phil Harmonic, and A.C. McWhortle. "Collaboration." Is 12.13 (1973)
 Fones, Robert and Vic d'Or. "Super Bart, Chapter Four." Proof Only 1.4 (1974): 4.
 Fones, Robert and Vic d'Or. "Super Bart: Chapter Five." Proof Only 1.5 (1974): 3.
 Fones, Robert. "Auto Suggestion." Impulse 4&5.4&1 (1975): 17.
 Fones, Robert. "Men With Numbers." Strange Faeces. Ed. ed., Nations, Opal L. 1975
 Fones, Robert. "Cecil Taylor." Only Paper Today 3.3 (1976): 13.
 Fones, Robert, and Opal L. Nations. "Here comes the Canada Council." Only Paper Today 4.7 (1977): 4.
 Fones, Robert. "The Ferry." Periodics Fall 1977: 30-33.
 Fones, Robert. "Matt Harley's Dinosaur Drawings." Only Paper Today 6.3 (1979): 2.
 Fones, Robert. "A Theory of Snow Prevention." Canadian "Pataphysics". Ed. ed., The Toronto Research Group Canada: Underwich Editions, 1980: 3-7.
 Fones, Robert. "Four of the Bobo Stories." Writing Sumer 1980: 3-7.
 Fones, Robert. "Art [from the exhibition: Ebony Carvings of Charcoal]." File 5.2 (1981): 29-35.
 Fones, Robert. "Field Identification." Toronto: Art Metropole, 1985
 Fones, Robert. "Natural Range of Canada Plum." Provincial Essays 3 (1986): between pages 48-49.
 Fones, Robert. "John Lennon." Brushes with Greatness. Ed. eds., Banks, Russell, Michael Ondaatje and David Young Toronto: The Coach House Press, 1989: 40-41.
 Fones, Robert. "Obsession, Resuscitation, Exhibition." Azure 6.62 (1989): 14-16.
 Fones, Robert. "Field Identification." Northward Journal 52-53 (1990): 15-25.
 Fones, Robert. "Some Comments on My Work." Northward Journal 52-53 (1990): 9-11.
 Fones, Robert. "A Carpenter's Guide." Descant, 74 22.3 (1991)
 Fones, Robert. "Local Colour." C Magazine Summer 1993
 Fones, Robert. "Comments on the Historiated Letters." Robert Fones, Historiated Letters Vancouver: Presentation House Gallery, 1994
 Fones, Robert. "Ethos/Nomos/Physis." Waterloo Journal of Architecture: Sight/Site 2 (1994)
 Fones, Robert. "Smoke and Mirrors." Robert Smithson, Operations of Nature. Ed. ed., Teitelbaum, Matthew Toronto: Art Gallery of Ontario, September 1995
 Fones, Robert. "Head Paintings." Toronto: The Coach House Press, 1997
 Fones, Robert. "A Visit to Stonyground." Toronto: The Horticultural Societies of Parkdale & Toronto, September 2001
 Fones, Robert. "Re-viewed: Robert Fones on his work." Toronto: Art Gallery of Ontario, September 2002
 Fones, Robert. "Repairing the Moon." Brick Winter 2002
 Fones, Robert. "Sign Language." Canadian Art Fall 2004
 Fones, Robert. "Bill Jones at A Space. Elevations, Levitations and The Twist." Proof Only 1.5 (1974): 2.
 Fones, Robert. "Dr. Prays Brutiful Mrusic. Dr. Brute at A Space, 4 December, 1973." Open Letter Second series.7 (1974): 123-125.
 Fones, Robert and Vic d'Or. "Gar Smith at The Isaacs Gallery, February 1974." Proof Only 1.5 (1974): 2.
 Fones, Robert. "Ron Martin at Carmen Lamanna Gallery." Proof Only 1.4.February (1974): 3.
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 Fones, Robert. "David Rabinowitch at Carmen Lamanna Gallery." Only Paper Today 2.5 (1975): 4.
 Fones, Robert; Coleman, Victor. "Dust in our Vortex." Is Summer 1975: 52.
 Fones, Robert, and David Young. "Ice Storm on Word's Island." Is Summer 1975: 47-48.
 Fones, Robert. "Stand Fast Wipe Contest." Only Paper Today 3.1 (1975): 8.
 Fones, Robert. "Jeff Wall." Vanguard 16.2 (1987): 29.
 Fones, Robert. "Christine Davis." Vanguard 17.1 (1988): 30.
 Fones, Robert. "No Flies on Meno [review of Stan Denniston]." Vanguard June/July 1988
 Fones, Robert. "A Man and his 21-year old turtle." C Magazine June 1989
 Fones, Robert. "Stay, Sit, Heel: Tom Dean's Sculptural Canon." C Magazine Spring 1993
 Fones, Robert. "Tom Dean's Sculptural Canon." C Magazine 37.Spring (1993)
[Art Gallery of York University, November-December 1992]
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 Fones, Robert. "Amazing Space: Donald Judd's Works in Marfa." C Magazine July 1996
 Fones, Robert. "When Form Becomes Content: Remarks on Three Works by Greg Curnoe." M5V Magazine 1.1
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 Fones, Robert, Vic d'Or, and J.S. Bodolai. "Super Bart: Chapter Three." Proof Only 1.3 (1974)

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